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Thursday, 30 December 2010

How Time Flies!

Wow! What a time! Where has it all gone too! I can't believe how long it is since my last blog and yet it feels like no time at all. Between work, prepping for classes, on-line challenges and the all consuming pile of christmas card makes, my poor blog got neglected........aaahhh, I hear you say! Well, here I am to rectfy the situation.
My new year resolutions include finishing my on-line Claudine Hellmuth course (which I have just loved) and paying more attention to my on with the task!
Towards the end of the year I joined UK Stampers on-line forum and have been taking part in their ATC swaps which I had never really done before, and am really enjoying. I love the challenge of creating a piece of art to suit a theme and the excitment of receiving the parcel in the post with your atcs and seeing what others have created! Here are my first 4 swaps;
Stamped collage -"Dreams of Paris"

Three of a kind-"Words of Christmas"

Shades of Blue-"Creativity vs. Art"

Halloween-"Bewitching Night!"


  1. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one working on finishing Claudine's class! Have a great new year!

  2. I know! It makes me feel better to know that someone else is finishing it too! I loved it so much but life just seems to get in the way sometimes! Hopefully it won't distract me too much this year!