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Monday, 28 February 2011

Hot Fix Gems

I got this new hot fix gem tool and it's GREAT fun! Just had to have a play with it and the first thing to catch my eye was Georgias' spotty top! LOL:) I guess she was just lucky it wasn't her! LOL:)! Well, playing finished and I think she had a lovely shiny top, and her response.........................."nice"!

1 Stamp 3 Projects

As always I am so behind with my blogging! I can understand now why I never managed to keep a diary for more than a few days as I am so disorganised, just the opposite of what my day job demands! LOL:)! Well this was a challenge I put to myself...use ONLY 1 stamp and make at least 3 different projects! So I started out thinking that I would make a card, a scrapbook page and something off the page. What I ended up doing was 2 cards, a scrapbook page on canvas, a wall hanging, a necklace and a broach! So all in all I was quite pleased with myself! Then just to top it all off James photographed them for their website and I couldn't believe how good my work could look when photographed properely! I was so chuffed I asked if I could his photos on my here they are! Hope you like them.