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Monday, 28 February 2011

Hot Fix Gems

I got this new hot fix gem tool and it's GREAT fun! Just had to have a play with it and the first thing to catch my eye was Georgias' spotty top! LOL:) I guess she was just lucky it wasn't her! LOL:)! Well, playing finished and I think she had a lovely shiny top, and her response.........................."nice"!


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  2. did you spend more money at farnborough !! marita as I dont recall seeing a hot gem fixer thingamjig thing in MK, next time we see you , youll have turned all Jordanesque on us, LOL.
    Oh and I got the exact same message as you from interesting places, mmmhhhh. Am trying to send piccies, gonna have to send them in lots as it just failed miserably when I tried to send them all on sunday, oops