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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Summer Sunday

What a lovely Sunday! The weather here in Scotland was just gorgeous and I spent the day with friends at the Ayr Flower Show which was great fun! The only down side was that I had a flat tyre on the way home along the motorway, at least I can change a tyre though so not much time and we were off again. Was quite restrained and only bought 3 plants and a few bits and bobs (much better than I am when it is craft involved!) but am looking forward to being able to get the garden in shape.
Now on to important things.....I am slowly catching up in Claudine's class and this is my attempts at week two techniques. In order of photos there is, acrylic paint stamping, watermark resist peeled paint, and watermark resist stamping. I loved the acrylic stamping the best this week, though I do think the resist stamping is very effective.

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