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Monday, 7 March 2011

Arstycrafts Part 2 - The BIG event!

So continuing on from the previous entry..........the second half of the day was with the man himself, T!m Holtz! As I have previously mentioned I had done the class at Art from the Heart the previous week and really enjoyed it! So, I was quite excited about what this class might entale. Well, I was not disapointed. The class was on his new configuration boxes and we got the large box and everthing we could possibly need to fill it! It was sooooooo much fun and we were taught the tricks for covering and lining the box and little boxes, as well as ideas for arranging the small box sections within the entire box. I LOVED doing this project and am already thinking of themes for other configuration boxes. OH! Help!Where am I going to put everything? I'm running out of room in my house for all these beautigful craft things! lol! Please post any suggestions you might have to solve my dilemma.
I can't begin to say how much I enjoyed this experience and to top the trip off that night I went out to dinner with some of the girls I met in the class and we had the biggest laugh I have had in a very long time! I feel as if I have made some new but very good friends and as if I have known them for ages. It amazing how similar interests helps when meeting people. I look forward to keeping intouch with everyone I met and sharing our passion for creating.


  1. Oh I am loving all your distress/steampunky bits how yummy. I would love to do one of these maybe some day soon.
    Love and bugsx

  2. Your box is brilliant, still have to put my feet on mine but I'll send you a pick when I get it finished.
    Defo would love to do another artsycrafts class, even the "craic" alone was great!!
    Lotsa love
    Jeanette xx

  3. Look forward to seeing your finished box.

  4. ooh Marita, I love it, it is brilliant, love the middle pic that shows the "love" key and then the word pig on the background paper, made me LOL, and then you put an S and 17, rofl. All in all it is brilliant as was our class and meal after. Defn saving for next year's event, :), ps have been emailing you but have had probs, PM me your addy and I will send pics on a disc.... Siobhan

  5. It's turned out fab! Don't you just love the fact that each time you look there is something different that catches your eye.