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Thursday, 3 March 2011


I had suggested a Tim Holtz inspired project as a topic for one of the classes I was taking at a local craft shop, but was struggling to come up with a concrete idea of what I was going to do. Which as you can imagine can be a BIG problem when you are trying to decide what you need! lol! Well, after my first T!m Holtz class at AFTH I came away inspired and this is what I made.
I guess I called it "DREAM" as I had always dreamed of doing a class with him and I got to do not 1 but 2 calsses, so I was over the moon!
Also my biggest dream is to have my work published and start to be able to do something with my passion! Well, dreams are free aren't they?
The cherry on the cake though was that I took the completed project with me to the 2nd class I had with Tim and showed it to him. He liked it and even signed the back for me! What a coup! I am so proud and will treasure it forever!


  1. I'm loving all this work you've been doing lately Marita and I'm really envious of your fun (work) with Tim at AFTH, I would love to have been able to go too. Maybe one day :o)
    Jenni x

  2. Love this project marita, hope you have lots of fun teaching it!
    Jeanette :)xx

  3. Thanks guys! I am sure I will. Maybe next time you will be able to go jenni, it's definetly worth it!