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Monday, 25 March 2013

Dina Wakely's Workshop

Last Friday I spent the day at Art from the Heart's studio taking part in Dina Wakely's workshop.  Which was about using paints, inks, wax and modelling paste on diferent surfaces such as plaster, cardboard, and plywood.  I had a great day and had so much messy fun!
Over the day we made 9 different peices (I forgot to put one in the photo...oops) due to the cool temperatures we had trouble getting the modelling paste on two of them to dry so we only finished 7 pieces. But that's an achievement in itself I think.
All the pieces were ply wood coated with plaster which we painted in different ways and then scratched and covered in wax to then scrap again to try and achieve different layers.  On one we added plaster bandage and when that was dry we painted and waxed it.  Another was two pieces of thick cardboard which we covered in plaster bandage and then once dry painted and waxed, which are to be turned into book covers.  One of my favorites was a board that we used modelling paste through a stencil then painted, scratched and waxed. However my all time favourite of the day was the board that we painted, then adhere stamped images on tissue paper with matt medium, then waxed and added more tissue images to build up layers.
It was such a great day and I can't wait to try these techniques all again soon.

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